Portable line boring - Let us come to you

As one of the first companies in South Australia to produce a portable line borer Gunther Engineering now has the reputation as a leading line boring specialist. Original hydraulic driven units used in conjunction with hi-tech electronic units equipped with automated internal bore welding.

With 6 portable machines, a portable generator along with 4 experienced operators this enable us to perform on site work anywhere in Australia. Down time is reduced to a minimum.

Capacity is 30mm to 800mm diameter.
Facing off to 900mm diameter, to be square to the bore.
Almost unlimited length.

Performing repairs to worn bearing surfaces and faces on heavy equipment predominantly loaders, excavators & buckets.
Excavators Base Locations & Booms – Dipper Arms – H-Links – Tipping Links – Bucket Bosses – Pulverizes - Grab Bores - Rock Breaker Attachments - Pins - Bushes
Loaders Articulation Bores – Steer Pivots – Main Frames – Base Locations – Bucket Bosses – Bell Cranks – Tipping Links – Pins - Bushes
Cranes Booms – Bases – Jib Bores – Articulation Bores – Steering Pivots – Pins - Bushes
Fork Lifts Steer Axles – Mast Pivots – Base Bores – Pins - Bushes
Boats/Ships Stern Tubes – Prop Shafts – Engines - Gearbox Mounts